Minutes 7-16-2021

Minutes 7-16-2021

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Trustee Development Committee Meeting – Minutes 7/16 /2021

The meeting was called to order by Tom Madru at 9:03am. 

Present:  Tom Madru, Lynn Kloss, Mimi Hui, Lisa Traina, Peter Wendrychowicz, Jenifer May, Darlene Swistock and Patricia Durso.

Absent: Mike Banick, Mike Violano, Lauren Sikora, and Caitlin Hull.

Old Business

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [DEI] Program

  • In concert with the BCCLS Trustee Development Committee [TDC], the Library Administration, Management and Personnel Committee [LAMP] and the Diverse and Underserved Populations Committee [DUP] will co-host this event.  The presenter, Jackie Lue Raia, will conduct a pre-program meeting with representatives from LAMP, DUP, and TDC.
  • Two [2] 90-minute programs are planned to accommodate interest, the first for 9/30, the second date TBD. Registrants will select the date that is most suitable for them. Each session will accommodate up to 70 attendees.
  • Mr. Wendrychowicz will speak with the president of the New Jersey Library Trustees Association [NJLTA] to promote the organization’s future sponsorship of this program for state-wide training. Ms. Hui suggests that the NJLTA executive board be invited to the DEI training on 9/30/2021 as BCCLS guests.
  • Ms. Swistock will submit a funding request for this program to the BCCLS president and executive director, including Ms. Raia’s proposal. A decision is expected at the Executive Board meeting on 7/28/2021.

MAIN [Morris Automated Information Network]

  • MAIN, a neighboring consortium led by executive director Phillip Berg, will co-sponsor the DEI program with BCCLS, absorbing half the cost.
  • Mr. Berg is eager to work with BCCLS on other future programs as well.
  • MAIN does not have a budget for programs, but requests participation and funding from its individual libraries.

July 27 Roundtable

  • To date, 29 people have registered.
  • If two sessions are needed, Mr. Madru and Mr. Violano will host.
  • Ms. Sikora and Ms. Hui will be the Zoom hosts.
  • The optimum number of attendees is 15 per session, but given the large number of no-shows, 20 could be registered for one session. This might yield 15 actual attendees.
  • A decision on holding one or two sessions will be made a few days before July 27.

Trustee Mentoring Program

  • Ms. Sikora will distribute the proposed program specifications for review by the end of the day.

Roundtable Schedule

  • Ms. Swistock indicated there was a lot of interest in a program on Parliamentary Processes and that BCCLS is considering having a program on this topic for Trustees. She will keep the group informed. 
  • The timing and budget of such an endeavor are to come.

New Business

  • A program on fostering thriving Friends organizations will be discussed in a subcommittee.
  • The Friends Breakfast will be held this year on Tuesday, October 19, at Seasons Restaurant. More information will follow.

Next meeting date: Tuesday, August 17 at 9am

Date changed to Tuesday because several people take Fridays off during the summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:14am.