Minutes 5-21-2021

Minutes 5-21-2021

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Trustee Development Committee

MINUTES   May 21, 2021

In Attendance:  Tom Madru, Patricia Durso, Lynn Kloss, Jennifer May, Lauren Sikora, Lisa Traina, Mimi Hui, Larry Bergmann, Darlene Swistock

Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by Tom Madru

Approval of April 16 meeting minutes   Motion  Lynn Kloss    Second   Lisa Traina

Old Business

Review Of Jamie LaRue program

Improvements were made on visual presentation for the second presentation.

Breakout session – Approximately 20  people left the presentation when breakouts were started.

The breakout time of 6 minutes was not long enough.

Many participants were not comfortable with the breakouts.

Participants were not prepared for the breakouts.  Suggestion was made that in the future, if breakouts are to be held, notification should be made in the invitation flyer.

Overall, most comments from the participants were positive. 

Roundtable  June 10

Topic – Friends and Foundations

It was decided not to have expert in attendance since this this is a roundtable discussion.

Announcement of June 10 roundtable will go out Monday May 24 to the Trustee Email list and to Directors for the directors to disseminate to trustees.

We anticipate 2 concurrent sessions.  Zoom platformS will be furnished by Lauren Sikora and Mimi Hui.

Topics for future Roundtables

Following topis were discussed for future roundtables:

From Mike Violano

Trustee Relationships with Friends and Foundations (adopted for June 10)

Best fund raising stories to share

How and why technology matters to your Library

Budgeting and funding sources

2021 successes and challenges

Should there be term limits for Board Officers ( incorporated into By  Law importance).

Lauren added:

Library Collaboration with other Town Departments

How are you talking to your Patrons?

July roundtable set for Tues July 27.   The topic will be Budget and Fundraising Strategies 

The Sessions will be Moderated by Tom Madru and Mike Violano

Trustee Mentoring

Lauren Sikora with help from Lisa Traina will put some thoughts on paper to use as a starting point for the discussion at our next meeting.

New Business

Darlene, Tom and Patricia will reach out to Phillip Berg, executive director of the MAIN ( Morris County) consortium to discuss MAIN’s collaboration for future programming.

Future programming

Diversity and Inclusion tentatively set for Sept 30 .  Patricia will reach out to Ann Phibbs as a possible speaker.

There was also a program held in Teaneck and that speaker will also be contacted.

More discussion is needed to refine the topic of succession planning.

Next meeting June 18 9 AM

Adjournment  was moved at 9:54 by Jennifer May   and seconded by Mimi Hui.