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August 7, 2020 Minutes

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

PRESENT: Tom Madru (TM), Patty Durso (PD), Larry Bergmann (LB), Jenifer May (JM), Peter Wendrychowicz (PW), Darlene Swistock (DS), Mike Violano (MV).

ABSENT: Mike Banick, Kathy Cannarozzi, and John Mongelli.

Meeting Called to Order at 10:02a.m. by TM.

United for Libraries Virtual Conference. TM asked if anyone had attended the conference of United for Libraries on August 4-6 online. He viewed a number of the sessions; the presentations were very positive and most were quite interesting and informative. Presentations and slide decks are supposed to be available for download at the United for Libraries website starting Monday August 10 (see http://www.ala.org/united/events_conferences/virtual)

TM stated the first presentation at the United Libraries conference was on strategic planning and that should be included in the upcoming Trustee 201 webinar. JM added that libraries should review/rewrite their strategic plans post Covid 19. She also stated that BCCLS drafted their strategic plan last year.

MV suggested that strategic plans should be included in the Trustee 101 webinar because new trustees would benefit from reviewing their library’s strategic plan to understand the library’s mission and key goals. TM thought that could be a suitable 5-10 minute presentation for an overview of strategic plans but not an in-depth webinar session which should be done separately.

In the United for Libraries session on Libraries and Law the presenter recommended that every library have a lawyer. PW stated that it is a good idea to have an attorney versed in library law; Mahwah Library has such a lawyer. TM stated that Park Ridge Library has a town attorney for consultations. At the Livingstone Library, LB stated that a library law attorney is paid by the hour for services as necessary. Patty requested the names and contact information of the lawyers used at the Mahwah and Livingston.

TM also mentioned other conference sessions included advocacy, fundraising and foundations.

Old Business—Trustee 101 Webinar. PD suggested review of the plans and topics for the Trustee 101 meeting scheduled for October 1.

PW proposed a topic regarding the basics of a board of trustees meeting and how to effectively organize and run board meetings and committee meetings. TM added that another United for Libraries conference session dealt with conflict resolution which may be appropriate for the topic.

Other topics discussed included roles and responsibilities of trustees, decision making, use of library funds, and supporting library programs. PD recalled a Friends Committee  meeting that focused on forming a Foundation.

PW stated that Trustee 101 is an introduction for new trustees and should cover topics in an overview fashion.

PD proposed listing about 8 topics that could be covered in about 10 minutes each followed by Q&A for a total of 90 minutes. She listed the topics for Trustee 101 that have been identified and discussed:

Continuing Education

How to conduct/prepare for board meeting

Creating Library Policies (subsequently moved to Trustee 201 topics)

Value of BCCLS Membership and Services

Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees

Library Law

Funding and Library Income

Strategic Plans

DS stated that Dave Hanson planned to conduct meetings for trustees   on BCCLS  services and its strategic plan this past spring, but they were postponed due to the pandemic. She will check with Dave to see if he can speak at our trustee event on October 1.

PD suggested annotating and updating the Goggle Docs document for the two Trustee webinars.

The BCCLS Friends Committee is planning a webinar on “Rejuvenating Friends groups in the Virtual Age.”

PD had to leave the meeting at 11:03a.m.

DS stated that United for Libraries has “Trustee Tip Sheets” that could be appropriate handouts for Trustee 101 and 201 webinar attendees—there are about a dozen tip sheets on topics including the Role of Trustees, and Trustee Competencies. DS reminded everyone that the Trustee Committee, at the last meeting, had decided  that Trustee 201 should include Analyzing Expenses and the trustee’s role in preparing budgets.

DS asked about the information details, handouts and the date for sending webinar invitations for the Trustee 101 webinar. She suggested using email for committee collaboration over the next few weeks. Information can be compiled from a number of websites; JM agreed to work with DS to compile the information and TM also volunteered to help. DS proposed sending invitations September 1st for the Trustee 101 webinar scheduled for October 1. After a brief discussion, the time for the webinar was set in the evening for 7 to 830 p.m. to accommodate people who work and dinner time.

MV suggested identifying presenters for the Trustee 101 topics and volunteered to do reviewing your library’s strategic plan. DS said Dave Hanson would do the benefits of BCCLS membership. TM volunteered to do Library funding and sources of income. LB suggested covering three topics—law and libraries, continuing education, and the basics of board meetings. TM thought that John Mongelli would be a suitable choice for community outreach and relationships (replacing creating library policies as a topic). Pending John’s agreement to present.

Trustee 201. There was a brief discussion of the topics for the Trustee 201 webinar which could include:

Committee Structure

Evaluating the Director

Developing Policies

Trustee Involvement in Capital Planning Working with Friends Groups and Foundations

Preparing Budgets, Analyzing Expenses and Give Backs

Running a Board or Committee Meeting

MV proposed moving this webinar from October 8 to October 15; the Trustee 101 and 201 would still be conducted in a closely scheduled series but another week in between webinars would allow for additional planning, review of Trustee 101 feedback and recruitment of presenters.

DS asked for clarification of the Trustee 201 webinar and suggested that maybe it should be limited to three topics with more information provided compared to the Trustee 101 webinar.

PW suggested we hold another meeting next week to finalize the Trustee 101 webinar topics, plans and presenters. After a brief discussion the date was set for Thursday, August 13 at 10a.m.

That will be followed by a meeting on Friday, August 21 to finalize plans for the Trustee 201 webinar.

The meeting adjourned at 11:56 a.m.