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May 12, 2020 – 10:00AM

Conducted via Zoom Conferencing

Present: Mike Banick (Director, Millburn), Larry Bergmann (Trustee, Livingston) Kathy Cannarozzi (Director, Rochelle Park), Patricia Durso (Executive Administrator, Allendale & committee co-chairman), Dave Hanson (BCCLS Executive Director), Jenifer May (Director, Secaucus), Tom Madru (Trustee, Park Ridge & committee co-chairman), John Mongelli (Trustee, Ho-Ho-Kus), Darlene Swistock (BCCLS Liaison), Lisa Traina (Friends Hasbrouck Heights), Mike Violano (Trustee, Westwood), and Peter Wendrochowicz (Trustee, Mahwah).

  1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:05AM by Tom Madru.

  • Approval of Minutes:

Ms. Durso pointed out several typos in minutes for correction. Motion to approve after corrections was made by Mr. Wendrochowicz.  Second the motion:  Mr. Violano. All present voted in favor. 

  • Old Business

Preparation for May 20, 2020 Seminar “Your Pandemic Plan: Preserving Library Funding and Support”

Report on presenters: Mr. Madru had previously solicited Mr. Wendrochowicz and Mahwah Library director Kurt Hadeler to present a section of the upcoming Pandemic Plan program.  Mr. Wendrochowicz opened the discussion stating that he and Mr. Hadeler were not comfortable giving a presentation on Library funding at this time, as each Library has different needs.

Discussion continued about a possible postponement or cancellation of May 20, 2020 event. A vote was taken and passed to move the event to May 27, 2020.  It will be a one-hour event concentrating explicitly on funding. 

Update on Eventbrite: Eventbrite invitation to be sent May 13, 2020.

New Presentation Lineup:

  1. Ms. Durso – Open with discussion of 1/3 mil funding
  2. Ms. Traina – Effects on Libraries During Great Recession
  3. Mr. Hanson – Wrap up and Call to Action  

Discussion:  There is evidently much interest on the part of trustees regarding a re-opening plan for our libraries.  Registrants for the previous trustee session on legal issues and library staffing cited this as among their chief concerns. Ms. Durso related this information to Peter Coyl (Director, Montclair Public Library) who is chair of BCCLS Safely Opening and Operating Task Force (SOOT). This is the task force charged with developing reopening guidelines. Mr. Coyl stated that SOOT has begun meeting, but is awaiting guidance from the Governor and State. He will incorporate information directed to the TDC about re-opening concerns as appropriate and will keep trustee’s need for information in mind.

Mr. Hanson joined the meeting and discussed 1/3 of mill, state initiatives and BCCLS task force on opening.

Finalized program technical aspects:  The format will be Webex. Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS Director of Information Technology, and Ms. Cannarozzi will collaborate on mechanics.  We will have a practice session with the committee after the collaboration.

  • Adjournment

Motion was made at 11:35 am by John Mongelli, seconded by Peter Wendrochowicz. All present voted in favor.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 20 at 11:00am on Zoom

Action Items:

Collaboration on Webex technical issues to be scheduled and executed by Ms. Cannarozzi and Mr. Lozauskas.

Following input from Mr. Madru and Ms. Durso, Ms. Swistock will issue Eventbrite announcement/registration on May 13.

Following a discussion on the lack of evaluation returns, (only 33/160 were returned) it was decided that a possible new procedure will be researched to facilitate submission of evaluations.