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Trustee Development Committee

Minutes meeting    November 6, 2020

Attendees:  Patricia Durso (co-chair), Tom Madru ( co-chair),  Peter Wendrychowicz (Trustee Mahwah),  Mike Banick ( Director Millburn),  Larry Bergmann(Trustee Livingston), Darlene Swistock (BCCLS Representative)

Minutes:   There were no minutes from previous meeting for approval

Old Business:

*Final Discussion of Trustee 201 Program

Based on feedback from evaluations, series will continue

Darlene will send out attendance certificates next week

Issues with Trustee 201 –  There were some audio issues where some participants had difficulty hearing some presenters.   Discussion of possible purchase of head sets with microphones for use by future presenters

Based of participant comments, there was a discussion of topics for future programs

Peter commented on the importance of programming as it helps “humanize BCCLS”

Possible topics include

  1.  Technology
  2. Fund Raising and Budget
  3. Library Law

*Continue discussion for new program Jan or Feb

Tom and Patty spoke with Library Strategies, a consulting and training firm re possible program

Library Strategies was recommended by Peter Coyl, Director of Montclair. They have been is business for 20 years.  They offer either a one off program or a series of training programs.  At this point we decided on a single program to be presented in February.

We decided the topic should be

Strategic Planning – Analyzing Library services and how services are evolving

The Strategic Plan should focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The plan should be a public relations tool for advocacy, a tool for the Board to use in going out to the public, and to be used in Capital Planning


A survey developed jointly by Library Strategies and Trustee committee to tailor the presentation for our needs.

Library Strategies will supply slides, programs, handouts plus a person to monitor questions during the presentation

Library Strategies fee for the program is $1500

Next Step

Draft a Memorandum of Understanding, outline services provided

MOU to be approved by Dave Hanson

Submit plan to Stephanie for approval

Invite other Consortium to attend program

Possible date for program February 4  at 7 PM

New Business

Committee was canvassed and encouraged to continue to be on the Trustee Development Committee for next year all agreed

Decision made to continue series into next year

Decision to create a Library of existing programs for future reference by Trustees

Next meeting December 11 10:00 AM

Meeting adjourned   at 11:40AM