Friends 2018-02-09 Agenda & Minutes

Friends 2018-02-09 Agenda & Minutes

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BCCLS Friends Committee Agenda

Friday, February 9, 2018

10 am

Hasbrouck Heights Public Library

  1. Suggested Committee Goals for 2018-19 (April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019)
    1. Late May/June-”Building a Capital Campaign,” in support of NJ Construction Bond Act
    2. October-Friends Breakfast
    3. Late January-early February-Performers’ Showcase; other?
  1. Scholarship Breakfast Discussion
    1. Raise Breakfast tickets
    2. More door prizes
    3. Alternate venue
    4. Baskets-begin soliciting in August

                      Encourage dining, performance tickets, entertainment

  1. BCCLS Friends Group-no updates yet
  1. February Friends Focus-send out by mid-February

BCCLS Friends Committee Minutes 2/9/2018, 10:00 AM

Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights Public Library

Present: Jeanne Sylvester, Nutley; Darlene Swistock, BCCLS; Emiliana Tuohey, Fair Lawn; Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock; Lynn Kloss, Teaneck; Georgene Betterbed, Glen Rock; Melissa Singlevich, Hasbrouck Heights

Minutes: The minutes of January 10, 2018 meeting were approved

Committee Goals for 2018-2019

1-“Building a Better Capital Campaign”

Seminar in late May/June

It was recommended that we tap into libraries which had experience with capital campaigns during the last funding opportunity including Ridgewood, Hasbrouck Heights, Closter, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock.There was a discussion about how to run a campaign based on the experiences of Glen Rock. With that input and other suggestions, we created a draft document to be used as a basis of our seminar content and handout for the audience. It contains an outline of recommended processes and procedures for running a successful capital campaign. 

We set a tentative date of Wednesday June 6 from 9:30-11:30 for the seminar. Ellen will verify a location.

2-Scholarship Breakfast

Darlene researched alternative sites.  Biaggio’s had been considered but was rejected due to cost. Several other venues were mentioned and Darlene will continue to research other possibilities. Due to time constraints, other issues will be discussed at the next meeting.

BCCLS Friends Group– there is no update at this time.

February Friends Focus- the document was reviewed and completed at the meeting. It will be issued as soon as we get confirmation of a location for the seminar discussed above.

Next meeting will be held on Friday, March 23 at 10 am at Glen Rock.