Friends 09-08-17 Agenda & Minutes

Friends 09-08-17 Agenda & Minutes

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BCCLS Friends of the Library Committee Agenda

Friday, September 8, 2017

 9:00 am-11:30 am

Fair Lawn Public Library

Approve Minutes from August 24, 2017 Meeting

 Friends Breakfast

  1. Timeline/Assignments on”B-Day!” (Breakfast Day!)
  2. Scholarship Speaker-Ellen’s assignment.
  3. Invitation Letter to Freeholders
  4. Soliciting Baskets “Territory”-began this week. Send information to Georgene as you receive it for her spreadsheet.
  5. Raphael Badagliacca

 NJ Library Construction Bond Bill-NJLA advocacy materials; how to send out the message.

 E-Newsletter-”Friends Focus,” to be sent 3x/year:

October 1

February 1

May 1

December Event: Library Advocacy-How to Mobilize the Troops (working title)

Wednesday, December 5 (Snow date is December 6) 10 am-12 noon, Hasbrouck Heights PL

  1. Speaker: Raphael Badagliacca

Next meetings:

Friday, October 13, 9:00 am, Glen Rock PL

Friday, November 3, 9:30 am, Hasbrouck Heights PL


BCCLS Friends Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 8, 2017,  9:30 am

Fair Lawn Public Library

Present: Ellen O’Keefe, Chair – Glen Rock

Emiliana Tuohey- Fair Lawn

Darlene Swistock – BCCLS

Robin Rockman- Oradell

Jeanne Sylvester- Nutley

Daragh O’Connor- River Edge

Georgene Betterbed – Glen Rock Friends

Lynn Kloss – Teaneck Friends

Ella Urdang – Englewood Friends

Absent; Donna Perkosky- Paramus

            Melissa Singlevick – Hasbrouck Heights

            Camille Valentine – Emerson

Minutes of August 24, 2017  – reviewed and unanimously approved.

Old Business


Baskets – Darlene will bring us the final version of the bid sheets. Last year some baskets never reached their estimated value; we need to be careful not to insult donor. Starting bid should be slightly below the estimated value.  First time donors should be asked for baskets of around $50 value.  Emiliana is able to get four tickets for Broadway shows  – 2 each to 2 shows

Scholarships recipients – Genesis will speak on behalf of former recipients. All former recipients will be asked to attend and will be asked to stand and be honored.

Communication – Daragh will craft an e mail asking all former winners to attend the breakfast. Darlene will compose an invitation to all current Freeholders because their recent grant to BCCLS will be announced and featured at the breakfast.  Donna will be asked to create a giant check to highlight the Freeholders allocation. Emiliana will assume responsibility for the program which should include the dates of National Friends of Libraries Week.   Daragh will introduce Raphael.

Time for B-Day (aka Breakfast Day)

8:00 am   Basket committee – Georgene, Robin, Emiliana

8:00 am   Centerpiece committee – Jeanne, Emiliana, Ella

Later      Checkout committee – Robin, Georgiana, Emiliana, Jeanne

Reminders for Breakfast will be sent on September 18 and 27 with hopes of a final count by 10/3. Other reminders may be necessary.

Raphael’s speech For the Breakfast

We described the likely audience at his request.  His focus will be on the big picture of libraries helping people to find themselves and to discover their own mission.  He also stressed the importance of materials available in the physical building of the library and over the internet as well as the tremendous sharing of material, facilities, and knowledge that occurs throughout BCCLS.

The Advocacy meeting: Tuesday, December 5, 10 am, Hasbrouck Heights PL (snow date is Wednesday, December 6, 2017). 

We spoke of the need for a concise ‘elevator speech’ to help friends mobilize  residents including younger people and make them aware of policy issues and the importance of advocacy.

New Business

The BCCLS staff is usually 12 is now only 8 or 9. Although this is a temporary situation, it makes things difficult because four of the remaining people are relatively new to BCCLS.  Daragh said that BCCLS is functioning very well under the circumstances, but the positions should be filled quickly.

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, October 5 – 9:30 am in Glen Rock

            Mini- meeting – basket and bid sheet prep

Friday, October 13 – 9:30 am in Glen Rock

   Speaker – Raphael Badagliacca

   Advocacy tool kit – to be developed by 4 committees

      Trustee development


     Governmental relations

      Public policy – focus direction

Friday, November 3, 9:30 am – Hasbrouck Heights