Friends 07-28-17 Agenda & Minutes

Friends 07-28-17 Agenda & Minutes

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BCCLS Friends of the Library Committee Agenda

Friday, July 28, 9:30 am-11:30 am

Fair Lawn Public Library

Approve Minutes from 6/30/17 Meeting

Old Business

Friends Breakfast

  1. “Save the New Date-October 17” email via Constant Contact sent by Ellen on  6/30/17
  2. Emiliana to create a Breakfast graphic for Cobalt
  3. Daragh- will continue to coordinate keynote content with Raphael Badagliacca
  4. Soliciting Baskets-Talking Points-continue to flesh out; on page 2
  5. Baskets spreadsheet-Georgene will coordinate. Information included will be:

          Column 1   Libraries A-Z

         Column 2   Our contact person

         Column 3   Donation given/yes or no

         Column 4   Donation worth

         Column 5   Donation mini description

Anything other data needed?

  1. Scholarship Speaker-all 3 are strong candidates. John Trause suggests contacting in this order:
    1. Genesis Jais Johnson Public Library (Hackensack)  –  Brian DeSantis Memorial Scholarship
    2. Laura Chumas, Lee Memorial Library (Allendale)  –  Patricia Anne Loughnane Memorial Scholarship
    3. Justin Portelli Maurice M. Pine Public Library (Fair Lawn)  –  Robert W. White Memorial Scholarship
  2. Centerpieces-Donna to coordinate with Paramus High Career Building for assembly. Each committee member to bring at least 15 pristine books or advance reader copies to a future meeting: need to confirm when.
  3. Bid Sheets-consensus by Committee that value of basket is minimum bid. $5 increments.
  4. Bookmarks with Save the Date for December event at each place setting-Emiliana
  5. Soliciting Baskets “Territory”-reassigned; will distribute week of 7/24/17.

Food Truck Fundraiser Idea: Darlene will follow up with Donna since Paramus Chamber of Commerce is looking into this for next year as well.

December Event: Library Advocacy-How to Mobilize the Troops (working title)

Wednesday, December 5 (Snow date is December 6) 10 am-12 noon, Hasbrouck Heights PL

  1. Speaker: Raphael Badagliacca?

New Business

  1. NJ Library Construction Bond Bill-mobilize support for Gov. Christie to sign bill. Refer to Fanwood PL Friends email.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 24, 9:30 am, Hasbrouck Heights PL


BCCLS Friends Committee Minutes 7.28.2017

The meeting took place at Fair Lawn Public Library

Present: Daragh O’Connor, River Edge;  Ella Urdang, Englewood; Darlene Swistock, BCCLS, Georgene Betterbed, Glen Rock; Melissa Singlevich, Hasbrouck Heights; Lynn Kloss, Teaneck; Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock; Emiliana Tuohy, Fair Lawn; Robin Rockman, Oradell

Old Business

Friends Breakfast

  1. “Save the Date” e-mail: sent by Ellen on 6/30
  2. Graphics for Centerpieces: Emiliana showed the “BCCLS card” she created for the stack of books with either ribbon wrapping or flower topping. The group chose flowers in seasonal colors with ribbon. Georgene and Emiliana will purchase supplies, and the stacks will be assembled at the next meeting. Emiliana will find a catchy phrase for the “library card.” (Need to outfit 30 tables.)
    Each staff member should bring 10-15 new books for the stacks.
  3. Speaker: Daragh will continue to coordinate with Raphael Badagliacca. He should give an inspirational speech at the breakfast, and speak on advocacy during his December speech. At the breakfast, he could focus on his idea that libraries are places where human stories are preserved. He will present his outline at the September 8 meeting.
  4. Soliciting Baskets: Calls to the Friends groups should begin after Labor Day (or earlier); assignments were distributed. The first objective is to get all libraries to attend. Those who did not attend last year could simply be invited, and perhaps asked to donate a basket, if appropriate. Three tiers of baskets were suggested: $35-$50 value (new donors), $50-$75 value (medium level), $75-ish (super contributors).
    Those soliciting libraries with no Friends group info on the Web site should ask the Library Director for contact information. Ellen will notify all Directors that these calls will be taking place.
  5. Spreadsheet: Georgene will maintain this document.
  6. Scholarship Speaker: Ellen will call the recipients in the order suggested by John Trause.
  7. Centerpieces: These will be assembled at the next meeting.
  8. Bid sheets: Ask donors for a suggested value for each basket to determine starting bids. These should be slightly below suggested values (e.g., $40 for a $50 basket). Add “All proceeds from the basket sales go to the Scholarship Fund” at top of sheet.
  9. Bookmarks: Emiliana created bookmarks, which will be at each place setting. She will add topic points once the speech is finalized. Candy will be added to heighten interest.
  10. Soliciting Baskets: Territories distributed.
  11. Publicity: The Record should be invited and urged to cover the Breakfast. This could be tied into National Friends of Libraries Week, which is October 15-21.

 December Event

Raphael Badagliacca will speak about Library Advocacy. Given that the library construction bill has been signed, it may be too late to begin discussing advocacy at that time. Ellen is waiting for info from NJLA and will perhaps distribute the Fanwood advocacy information. The focus should be on how to construct an “elevator speech.” At issue is how we, as Friends, can support our beliefs.

 Food Truck Fundraiser

Darlene will continue discussions with Donna about assembling a group of dates, to make the events more attractive to truck owners. Groups could join with other towns or hold a series of events (such as concerts) in one town to assemble a “tour.” This may be tried next year in Paramus and could be sponsored by BCCLS at the next BooksNJ Festival. Proceeds will go to the Scholarship Fund.

 New Business

  1. Quarterly electronic newsletter: Ellen, Robin, and Emiliana will create an e-mail to update Friends groups on activities and achievements. Possible title: “Friends Focus.”
  2. Bank Sponsorship: Georgene discussed a program run by Boiling Springs Bank that offers a premium to Friends groups that generate 20 new accounts. Contact: Loretta Young in Glen Rock.

 Next scheduled meetings:

Thursday, August 24 at 9:30 am in Hasbrouck Heights

Friday, September 8 at 9:30 am in Fair Lawn