Friends 04-21-17 Agenda & Minutes

Friends 04-21-17 Agenda & Minutes

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BCCLS Friends of the Library Committee Agenda

Friday, April 7, 1-3 pm

Maywood Public Library

1. Approve Minutes from 2/17/17 Meeting

2. Old Business

           Review March 8 Fundraisers & Friendraisers

3. New Business

           Performers’ Showcase, Thursday, May 4, 10 am-12:30 pm

                       Scheduling of performers

                       Food for performers and attendees

                       Set up logistics



4. Next meeting date

5. Adjournment

In our future

·         Tuesday, October 24-Friends Breakfast

·         Wednesday, December 5 (Snow date is December 6) 10 am-12 noon, Hasbrouck Heights PL, topic to be determined.

BCCLS Friends Committee Meeting

Friday, April 21, 2017

Glen Rock Public Library – 10 am

Present: Ellen O’Keefe, Chair – Glen Rock

      Camille Valentino- Emerson

      Emiliana Tuohey –  FairLawn

      Daragh O’ Connor – River Edge

      Darlene Swistock – BCCLS

      Robin Rockman- Oradell

     Georgene Betterbed – Glen Rock Friends

     Ella Urdang – Englewood Friends

The Minutes of the April 7 meeting were read. Emiliana moved that they be approved; Ella seconded it.  They were  passed unanimously.

The primary objective for this meeting was to plan the Performers Showcase which is scheduled for Thursday, May 4 at the Maywood Public Library.  Relevant topics included:

  • The list of performers – possible addition of one or two more –

        a Frank Sinatra impersonator and Dr. Dubious

  • The resource list which Camille is preparing to be available to all attendees  –

       a confirmation time of April 25 at 4 pm was agreed upon –

       list  will include  blurbs about each performer,

       info about the BCCLS committee,  and save the dates for subsequent events.

  • The person who invited each artist should confirm their attendance and find out     if they will be there for breakfast and lunch. This should be done by May 1.
  • Links and registration notice should go out to possible attendees on April 21 and May 1.
  • Food will be ordered in Maywood by Darlene and Ellen.  Daragh will pick up breakfast, and lunch will be delivered.  
  • We will try to have the room set up the previous evening. On  the day of the event, all members of the committee should arrive by 8:30 am .  Specific assignments include Georgene  in the green room, and  Emiliana setting up exterior signage and balloons to be  purchased by Ellen.
  • Bags will be provided for the artists’ flyers which will be decorated with either a BCCLS stamp or label. Georgene will look into the white bags and  stamp.
  • Collating day will be May 2 at the BCCLS office .  Robin and Ella volunteered.

The Friends Breakfast for  October, 2017 was discussed. There was general agreement that it would be difficult for any speaker to follow Bill Ervolino.  The two major strands of the discussion for speakers were authors and library advocates.  Authors discussed were Harlan Coban who we agreed was well – know, a resident of NJ and a good speaker.  Georgene has heard him and will try to contact him.  Erin Shack of Oradell was also discussed and described as young and charismatic.

The discussion of library advocates who might be invited to speak included Rosemary Hecht,  former Mayor of Hasbrouck Heights who worked actively with Governor Whitman to fund library buildings , Freeholder Tracy Zur,a  library advocate,  and Gordon Johnson, Assemblyman and author of current bill to allow communities to increase library funding.

Another possibility for the Breakfast was for the three Friends consultants to the committee, Georgene, Lynn and Ell, to present a synthesis of good ideas from previous meetings.

We also discussed the pricing of baskets for the silent auction. Guidelines should include starting bids 10% or 15% below estimated retail and encouraging donations from local businesses.

In subsequent meetings, we will plan the December program.

The next committee meeting will be on June 9 at 10 am in the Englewood Public Library.

The site has been confirmed.