Friends 02-01-17 Agenda & Minutes

Friends 02-01-17 Agenda & Minutes

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BCCLS FRIENDS of the Library Committee Agenda

 Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 10 amBCCLS Office


  1. Volunteer recorder for today’s meeting
  2. Approve Minutes from 11/2/16 Meeting
  3. Review Committee charges
  4. Review Evaluation from 12/7/16 event
  5. Program ideas-set calendar
  6. BCCLS Friends Page and discussion on how to best disseminate handouts, etc. to Friends groups
  7. Next meeting date
  8. Adjournment 

Committee MembersEllen O’Keefe, Chair                                    Northvale

Camille Valentino                                 Emerson

Emiliana Tuohey                        Fair Lawn

Melissa Singlevich    Hasbrouck Heights

Jeanne Sylvester                          Nutley

Daragh O’Connor                                  River Edge

Darlene Swistock                                                   BCCLS

Donna Perkosky                      Paramus

Robin Rockman                            Oradell

Friends ConsultantsElla Urdang                                                       Englewood

Georgene Betterbed                                         Glen Rock


  1. Work with Scholarship Committee to host Annual Friends Breakfast in October 2017.
  2. Identify needs, develop and implement programs that foster thriving Friends organizations that build and strengthen relationships with library board, director, staff and the public.
  3. Develop funding advocacy toolkit. Work with the Government Relations & Public Policy and Public Relations Committees to develop materials to engage Friends groups and communities in funding libraries over ⅓ mill through the Johnson Legislation or other legislative actions.

Past Committee Events:2016: 

  • NLW Kickoff, How May We Help You?, Wed, 4/11/16, 10 am, Hasbrouck Heights, 42 attended
  • Reach Out, Reactivate, Recharge, Wed, 6/1/16, 10 am, Maywood, 42 attended
  • Learn How to Successfully Advocate & Promote, Wed, 9/21/16, 7 pm, Hawthorne, 38 attended
  • Building Friends-Best Practices: orientation packets, mentoring programs, building relationships, Wed, 12/7/16, 10 am, Hasbrouck Heights, 28 attended


  • Membership Development, 2/18/15
  • Book Sales, 3/18/15
  • Presentation by Panel of Experts on Legal, Organizational and Financial Issues for Friends Groups, 5/20/15
  • Public Relations including social media, websites and newsletters, 9/16/15
  • Fundraising (including Ebay), 10/28/15
  • Relationships between the Friends Group, Library Board and Staff, 11/18/15 

BCCLS Friends Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

BCCLS Office- 10 am


Present:   Ellen O’Keefe, Chair- Northvale                 Absent:   Melissa Singlevich- Hasbrouck Heights               

                Camille Valentino- Emerson                                      Robin Rockman- Oradell

                Emiliana Tuohey- FairLawn

                Jeanne Sylvester-Nutley

                Daragh O’Connor- RiverEdge

                Darlene Swistock- BCCLS

                Donna Perkosky- Paramus

                Ella Urdang –Englewood Friends

                Georgene Betterbed- Glen Rock Friends

                Lynn Kloss-Teaneck Friends

Jeanne moved to approve the minutes with revision and Donna seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 

Biggest change regarding the committee charges is the Friends Committee will be responsible for the Friends Breakfast, being held on October 24th at Seasons. 

Event dates for the year

Fundraising- March 8th with a snow date of March 15th at the River Edge Public Library- 10 am.

Group break aways-booksales, larger fundraisers, smaller fundraisers (seasonal), and long term fundraisers (trips). It was suggested that Friends groups provide “what they have learned” ahead of time so that packets could be provided.

May 4th- Showcase??

October 24th– Friends Breakfast

December 5th (with a snow date of December 6 th)

Next meeting date is Friday, February 17th 10 am at the River Edge Public Library.