2019.10.19 F&T (Friends) Minutes

2019.10.19 F&T (Friends) Minutes

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BCCLS Friends & Trustees (Friends) Committee Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, 9/10/2019 9:30 a.m. 

 Glen Rock Public Library

Present: Jeanne Sylvester, Nutley, Darlene Swistock, BCCLS, Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock, Georgene Betterbed, Glen Rock Friends, Emiliana Tuohey, Fair Lawn, Lynn Kloss, Teaneck Friends, Jenifer May, Secaucus, Lisa Traina, Trustee Hasbrouck Heights, Peter Wendrychowicz, Mahwah Trustee, Patricia D’Urso, Allendale 

  1. The minutes of April 21 were approved.
  2. Discussion of BCCLS 40th Anniversary Campaign
    • Patty and Georgene are working on getting media coverage. Patty has conducted many phone interviews and gotten wonderful quotes which she shared with the committee.  The approved graphics were sent to all library directors. There may be a slide of the day on the BCCLS website with some of these quotes. There was discussion of having postcards for more library input at the BCCLS Friends Breakfast.
  3. Discussion of Ad Journal for Breakfast
    • Jennifer sent out letters to approx 80 vendors.  Just a few have purchased ad space. Lynn, Emiliana and Jeanne have agreed to do follow up calls to the vendors.The date for submission has been extended to October 1st. The ads purchased have already covered the cost of printing the program. Filler will be provided by the Friends and Trustees Committee. Jen will email out a script for the follow up phone calls.
  4. Other Breakfast News:
    •  Darlene reports approx 100 tickets were sold. Lisa is taking over Gift Baskets-10 have been promised so far. Ellen will coordinate transportation for author Jane Green. Lynn is working on getting mums for the tables-approx $12 each. Ellen is preparing an expense report for BCCLS. Georgene is getting the plaque for Jane Green. Jeanne will contact libraries and Friends groups to encourage car-pooling. Committee members agree to transport baskets to event. 
  5. Discussion of Countdown
    • Lynn is sending out the Ticket, basket and Ad Journal reminders and the Friends Focus (Sep 23).                                
    • Final count by October 1-  Regift basket/door prize assembly date is Monday, 10/7,1:30 at BCCLS office.
  6. Discussion of Scholarship Committee 
  • The Scholarship Committee will be asked: 1 person to help count the basket money, 1-person help wrap the re-gifts, 1-person to help count the raffle money. Jeanne, Jen and 1 Scholarship will count the raffle money. Raffle tickets will be sold for $5 each.
  1. Next meeting-Wednesday, September 25, 3 pm at the Glen Rock  Library.