2019.08.21 F&T Joint Agenda

2019.08.21 F&T Joint Agenda

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

9:30 am: Friends

11:30 am: Trustees

Glen Rock Public Library

Friends Agenda:

  1. Approve July 15, 2019 Minutes of Friends Meeting.
  2. BCCLS 40th Anniversary PR Campaign update
    1. Logos approved! Many, many thanks to Emiliana for her work!
  3. Friends Breakfast
    1. Seasons-menu and parking discussion update
    2. Ad journal progress
    3. Silent Auction Baskets-”solicitation team”
    4. 50-50 raffle approved: set pricing
    5. Table Centerpieces-donated or discounted plants. Lynn
    6. Jane Green transportation sponsorship-Georgene
    7. Tickets now on sale


                           September 3-reminder with linked Reservation Form

                           September 16-targeted “we haven’t heard from you” to 2018 Friends/Libraries that haven’t responded yet

                           September 23-Friends Focus to include a “last call” for tickets with linked Reservation Form

                           Next Friends Focus-send out September 23. 

  1. Set next meeting date 
  2. Adjournment of Friends by 11:30 am
  3. Trustees begin at 11:30 am-see below

Trustees Agenda

Glen Rock Public Library

August 21, 2019 11:30 AM

 Continue discussion of next Trustee Program

  1. Review plans  presented at last meeting

1. Format-six groups

2. Topics and potential moderators-

b.1.  How to build and maintain good working relationships with your mayor and council. Possible moderators: Larry and Judah.

2. Relationships between Boards and libraries. Possible moderators: Dave and Ellen.

 3. Community outreach: Relationships with Friends and Foundations. Possible

 moderators: Lynn and either Molly Smith or John Nance (from Foundations panel)

4. How to deal with foes of the library. Possible moderators: Jen and TBD

5. Legislation that affects libraries. Possible moderators: Peter and Kurt.

6.  Networking: Topics TBD by participants. Possible moderator: Tom

c. Time & Place- First week of December, from 6:00-6:30 for networking and 6:30 to 

8:00 for program at Mahwah

d. Target audience-Trustees

e. Anything else at this point?

   2. Set next meeting date