2019.08.21 F&T (Trustees) Minutes

2019.08.21 F&T (Trustees) Minutes

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Minutes for BCCLS Trustees Meeting 8/21/19

Glen Rock Library

Attendees: Lynn Kloss, Teaneck Friends; Tom Madru, Park Ridge Trustee; Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock; Darlene Swistock, BCCLS; Peter Wendrychowicz, Mahwah Trustee, Larry Bergman, Livingston Trustee

 Minutes of the July 15th meeting were approved

 Discussion of next proposed Trustee Program

  1. We rethought the program and there will now be four groups instead of six. Each group will meet in its own room in the Mahwah library. Groups will have 25-minute time limits; participants will attend three sessions (identified below) in sequence. We will have color coded pieces of paper available so participants will know which group they are in. The fourth group will be attended by all participants in one room at the end of the evening.
  2. Topics for Groups, taken from e-mail on Discussion Ideas:
    1. How to build and maintain good working relationships with your mayor and council. This discussion will now include relationships between Boards and libraries and how to deal with foes of the library. Possible moderators: Larry, Judah and Jen.
    2. Community outreach: Relationships with Friends and Foundations. Possible moderators: Lynn, Ellen and either Molly Smith or John Nance (from Foundations panel).
    3. Legislation that affects libraries. Possible moderators: Peter and Kurt.
    4. Networking:Topics TBD by participants. Possible moderator: All moderators identified above.
  3. Topics will be made available in advance so participants can begin thinking about the issues to be discussed.
  4. Time and Date: The program will be held in Mahwah on December 5th. Networking/coffee will be available at 6:00 and program will start at 6:30. It will end at 8:30.
  5. CEUs will be available.
  6. To encourage open discussion, Trustees are the target audience, not Directors.
  7. Tom will contact the suggested moderators.

 3. Next Meeting Date: TBD. Tom will send out suggested dates.

 4. Adjourned at 12:30.

 Submitted by Tom Madru, Co-Chair