2019.07.15 F&T (Trustees) Minutes

2019.07.15 F&T (Trustees) Minutes

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Minutes for BCCLS Trustees Meeting


Glen Rock Library

Attendees: Lynn Kloss, Teaneck Friends; Tom Madru, Park Ridge Trustee; Jenifer May, Secaucus; Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock; Darlene Swistock, BCCLS; Peter Wendrychowicz, Mahwah Trustee 

  1. Discussion of next proposed Trustee Program
    1. There will be six groups arranged in a round-table format. Groups will have 20-minute time limits; participants can attend three groups or stay at a table, if desired.
    2. Topics for Tables, taken from e-mail on Discussion Ideas:
      1. How to build and maintain good working relationships with your mayor and council. Possible moderators: Larry and Judah.
      2. Relationships between Boards and libraries. Possible moderators: Dave and Ellen.
      3. Community outreach: Relationships with Friends and Foundations. Possible moderators: Lynn and either Molly Smith or John Nance (from Foundations panel)
      4. How to deal with foes of the library. Possible moderators: Jen and TBD
      5. Legislation that affects libraries. Possible moderators: Peter and Kurt.
      6. Networking:Topics TBD by participants. Possible moderator: Tom
    3. Topics will be made available in advance so participants can begin thinking about the issues to be discussed.
    4. Time and Date: First week of December. Begin networking/coffee at 6:00 and program at 6:30. End at 8:00.
    5. CEUs will be available.
    6. To encourage open discussion, trustees are the target audience, not Directors.
    7. Possible location: Mahwah, which has separate rooms that can be used for different topics.

 2. Next Meeting Date: Wed., August 14 after the Friends committee meeting, in Glen Rock.

 3. Adjourned at 12:20.

Submitted by Lynn Kloss