2019.06.18 F&T Joint Committee Minutes

2019.06.18 F&T Joint Committee Minutes

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BCCLS F&T Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 18, 9:30 am (Friends)

11:30 am (Trustees)

Glen Rock Library

Present: Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock & Tom Madru, Park Ridge Trustee (Co-Chairs), Jenifer May, Secaucus, Georgene Betterbed, Glen Rock Friends, Lynn Kloss, Teaneck, Lisa Traina, Hasbrouck Heights, Peter Wendrychowicz, Mahwah, Trustee, Larry Bergann, Livingston, Trustee, Darlene Swistock, BCCLS Liaison.

Minutes from the Friends Committee Meeting

The meeting began at 9:40 am. The minutes of the May 23 meeting were amended regarding the discussion of the photo boards and then approved. Amended minutes changed in the Knowledge Base.

Foundations 101 Recap

Discussed possibility of a Grant Writing Workshop, as suggested within the workshop feedback. The focus would be on how Friends, Trustees and library staff can pursue grants that do not interfere with a municipality’s grant writing efforts. Possibility to partner with another BCCLS Committee. Ellen to pursue through proper channels. This is a better pursuit of efforts than a workshop on fostering Friends organizations as described in Charge #4.

Friends Breakfast

  1. Ad Journal. Subcommittee is Jenifer, Emiliana, Jeanne and Lynn. Jenifer will target larger vendors that serve BCCLS as opposed to local businesses or franchises to avoid conflict with local requests. Jenifer will consolidate printing specifications and contact O’Shea Printing and two others for pricing. Friends and Foundations will also be contacted as potential advertisers in the ad journal.
  2. Silent Auction:
    1. Donors will be contacted beginning in August. Lisa will contact libraries that didn’t respond to Ellen’s survey regarding who has or doesn’t have a Friends Group and/or Foundation.
    2. Scholarship Committee will be asked for assistance in soliciting donations for “experiences,” i.e., concerts, theater tickets, restaurants, etc.
    3. Regifts-bring to September 19 System Council Meeting
  3. 50-50 Raffle will be sponsored by the Friends of the Glen Rock Library. Georgene will begin raffle application process with State and Township of Washington.
  4. Centerpieces-Lynn will ask for 40 mums as a donation or a discount. Lynn has the latitude to offer space in the ad journal as appropriate to the donation or discount.
  5. Author transportation-Georgene is still pursuing an underwriter for the cost of transportation. Ellen will contact Ms. Green’s team and ask if arrangements are to be made by them or us. Air Brook was discussed as a possible provider.
  6. Breakfast tickets-$45.00 per person; same as last year. Limit of 375 seats; no more than 12 per table.
    1. On sale date is August 1st;
    2. Cut off date is October 1st; check received is your guaranteed seat;
    3. Reservation Form: Ellen to update; needs to locate original document;
    4. Emails-to “all@bccls” and the Constant Contact Lists:
      1. July 15-On sale date is August 1
      2. August 1-now on sale with linked Reservation Form
      3. September 3-reminder with linked Reservation Form
      4. September 16-a targeted, “we haven’t heard from you” to 2018 Friends/libraries who haven’t responded yet
      5. September 23-Friends Focus-a “last call” for tickets and other Friends news. Need to coordinate call for content with Lynn.
  7. Seasons:
    1. Review Menu-Ellen will call in early July;
    2. Parking-can they allocate personnel to direct
    3. Encourage carpooling!
  8. Freeholders: After Labor Day, Ellen will reach out to Dave and Kurt to coordinate invitations.
  9. 40th Anniversary of BCCLS-discussed ways to tie in to the Friends Breakfast. Georgene is willing to pursue this. Ellen is pursuing how another BCCLS Committee can assist.
  10. Next Meetings: Monday, July 15, Glen Rock Library:
    1. 9:30 am Friends
    2. 11:30 am Trustees

The Friends Meeting concluded at 11:30 am.

Minutes from the Trustee Portion of the Meeting on 6/18/19

The Trustees Meeting began at 11:33 am.

  • Tom proposed the Trustees have a program in late November or early December. The focus of the program would be to have small focus groups to discuss a number of topics which would highlight basic information a trustee should know.
  • Tom passed out some ideas for the group to review and comment on. Ellen suggested putting these topics in four groups so we could have four round table discussions about each topic.
  • It was suggested we give each group about 20 minutes to discuss a topic and then the participants could rotate.
  • We all agreed this program should be held in the evening, perhaps with a little earlier starting time. It was also agreed, we would not invite Directors.
  • In closing, Tom asked each person to review the ideas and try to put them into four like groups. Tom will email the list to all team members.
  • We agreed to have the Trustee team discuss this topic after the next combined meeting on July 15th. It will begin at 11:30 am.

The Trustees Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

Submitted by Ellen O’Keefe and Tom Madru, Co-Chairs