2019.05.23 F&T (Friends) Agenda

2019.05.23 F&T (Friends) Agenda

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

9:30 am

BCCLS Office

  1. Approve April 24, 2019 Minutes
  1. Visitor: Brian, O’Shea Printing
  1. “Foundations 101,” Tuesday, June 11, New Milford Pl, 9:30 coffee; 10-11:30 am program
    • Speakers
      • Ben Cohen, President, Maplewood’s Foundation*
      • Mollie Smith, President, Bloomfield’s Foundation*
      • John Nance, Esq., Member, Bloomfield’s Foundation*
      • Peter Coyl, Director, Montclair PL-have bio

*Ellen emailed each on 5/17 requesting information

    • Refreshments
    • Handouts
    • Last email to remind will be 6/3-Ellen to send (draft is ready)
  1. Friends Focus-Lynn
    • Next release date is 5/28
    • Content:
    1. Save the Date Friends Breakfast (ready for Lynn in Constant Contact)
    2. Foundations 101-most current flyer is uploaded-Ellen
    3. News to Share-compiled by Lynn
  1. Friends Breakfast
    • Status of a Speaker-Ellen waiting to hear regarding author; will pursue alternate if necessary
    • Ad Journal Committee: Jeanne, Darlene, Emiliana, Lynn & Jenifer
    1. Review Jeanne’s documents: solicitation letter, form, list of potential donors
    • 50-50 Raffle Sponsor-one BCCLS Friends Group has been asked; waiting for reply
  1. Set up next meeting
  1. Adjournment