2019.03.27 F&T (Friends) Minutes

2019.03.27 F&T (Friends) Minutes

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Conducted at Lee Memorial Library500 West Crescent Avenue, Allendale, NJACTION ITEMSAPPEAR ON PAGE 3

D          R          A          F          T

Call to order  

Tom Madru called the meeting to order at 1:15PM. Present at the meeting were:

Mike Banick (Director – Millburn), Larry Bergmann (Trustee – Livingston), Patricia Durso (Executive Administrator-Interim Director – Allendale), Judah Hamer (Director – Rutherford), Lynn Kloss (Friends of the Library – Teaneck), Tom Madru (Trustee – Park Ridge), Jenifer May (Director – Secaucus), Ellen O’Keefe (Director – Glen Rock), Darlene Swistock (Executive Assistant & Office Manager – BCCLS), and Peter Wendrychowicz (Trustee – Mahwah).  No absences.

Approval of Minutes  

Ms. O’Keefe reminded the Committee that minutes must be taken at all Committee meetings and subsequently posted to the BCCLS Knowledge Base.  As this committee is composed of both director level and non-director level personnel, as well as trustees who do not have access rights to the Knowledge Base, Ms. Swistock offered to post minutes on behalf of the Committee.  Ms. O’Keefe affirms that the BCCLS representative to the Committee may not record the minutes.  It was agreed that the minutes will be taken by each committee member, with the exception of the BCCLS representative, on a rotating basis throughout the year. 

Continuation of Planning for Mission Accomplished: Success Stories 

Mr. Madru led a discussion to finalize areas of focus for Mission Accomplished, the next advocacy event to be held on April 30, 2019 at 7:00PM at the Maywood Library.  The purpose of this program is to help trustees and others convey the value of the library to local elected officials. 

Ms. Swistock had previously e-mailed the Committee the feedback received from participants of BCCLS Advocacy Day held on March 15, 2019.  Those attendees cited “hearing directly from [county and state] legislators” as the most valuable aspect of the program.  Therefore, Mr. Madru recommended adding a legislator working at the local level to the upcoming program. Mr. Wendrychowicz suggested that a Business Administrator (or CFO) would be more valuable as an initial speaker (or as an additional panelist), as that position is responsible for reviewing budgets before they are submitted to a municipality’s Mayor and Council, and that s/he might have knowledge of initiatives for funding over the one third mill that passed muster.  The individual could also share perceptions on the library budget as a portion of the entire municipal budget.   Mr. Hamer noted that there may be a lack of awareness among library personnel and trustees of the constraints mayors and councils face when forming a budget. “When taxes go up in a school district, the town often tamps down on municipal services to keep taxes flat.” He asserted that Mission Accomplished attendees should be cognizant of this reality. 

Ms. May spoke very highly of David Drumeler, Deputy Administrator for Hudson County (and former town Administrator for Secaucus). While she considers it “a long shot” to secure him as a speaker, she will contact him to ask if he will serve.  Mr. Wendrychowicz suggests including Brian Campion, Mahwah Attorney, (formerly Mahwah Business Administrator), perhaps as an additional panelist if Mr. Drumeler accepts the Committee’s invitation.  Mr. Drumeler and/or Mr. Campion will be asked to deliver remarks on successful approaches for libraries seeking funding over the one third mill.


Mission Accomplished: Success Stories will transpire as follows: 

  • Welcome from Committee Co-Chair Tom Madru
  • Brief remarks from David Hanson, Executive Director, BCCLS
  • KEYNOTE: 5-7 minutes, if Committee invitation is accepted by Mr. Drumeler or Mr. Campion. Topic:
  • “A Business Administrator’s Inside View: How Libraries Succeed in the Municipal Budget Process”
  • Provocative, audience-engaging opening followed by introduction of panelists by moderator Patricia Durso
  • Each panelist will speak on a unique topic for 5-10 minutes

Rose Heck: Seeing It from the Other Side

Describing how the needs of one library were perceived by local elected officials – amid competition from other municipal departments vying for funding.  Delivered from the point of view of the former Mayor of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, these remarks are a window into the mindset of governing officials and a guide to increasing library support, financial and otherwise.

Judah Hamer: Working With What You’ve Got

Presenting the unsung opportunities for long-term success that restructuring a library organization offers.  Demonstrating that making the hard decisions to implement change – even to areas often considered untouchable, including staffing – can actually enhance a library’s services, standards, effectiveness, and reputation.

Larry Bergmann: Building Long Term Relationships

Sharing experiences of successful advocacy through deep connections with elected officials, established over time – not just at budget time. Making the conversation not only about patrons but about the benefits that accrue to the town overall and to elected officials themselves – as leaders, public servants and politicians – when constituents/taxpayers profit from library services.  

Q& A – Audience participation (Cards will be distributed with handouts; moderator will direct each question to the panelist most suited to answer it.)

Guided Exercise: Moderator will elicit input from the audience on words and phrases to form an elevator pitch targeted toward local elected officials.  By session’s end, participants will have the tools to craft a quick address on the value their libraries produce, and the positive return on investment they provide to their communities. 

Event Promotion – Tasks, Assignees, Dates 

Ms. O’Keefe cited her methodology for planning an event from its presentation date backwards to the present. She championed using Constant Contact as a promotional and distribution vehicle throughout the month of April and asked for a point person on the Committee to manage the registration and publicity processes.  Ms. May volunteered.   

Ms. Swistock will supply the new event graphic to Ms. O’Keefe and, as planned, a “Save the Date” notification with an Eventbrite registration link will be issued on April 1 or 2. On April 16 and April 26 registration reminder notifications will be sent to the [Director] email to share with trustees and to the trustee email addresses that have already opted in for newsletters and other BCCLS Constant Contact releases.  

Ms. O’Keefe reminded the Committee that the agenda for Mission Accomplished must be publicly posted one week in advance of the meeting.    It is anticipated at present that the program will attract 50 attendees. 

Event Preparation – Action Items 

  • Ms. May will invite David Drumeler to speak at the event. 
  • Mr. Wendrychowicz will request Brian Campion’s participation, as necessary. 
  • Ms. May will work with Ms. O’Keefe to create and manage the distribution of Constant Contact messages for registration. 
  • Mr. Madru identified select flyers from BCCLS Advocacy Day that are suitable for distribution at Mission Accomplished. Ms. Swistock will work with Elysse Fink (Member, BCCLS Advocacy & Government Relations Committee) to update these pieces with the new event logo. 
  • Ms. Fink will supply the template for question cards to Ms. May for printing. 
  • Ms. Durso will contact each panelist to prepare a capsule biography. 
  • Ms. Swistock will contact Caitlin Hull, Maywood Library director, to determine the audio/visual capabilities in the meeting room. 
  • Mr. Hamer will supply a laptop projector equipped with MS Office or Open Office and a wireless hotspot on the event day to facilitate scribing audience input on elevator pitches. 
  • Committee members will contribute sample questions to kick off the panel Q&A. 
  •  Mr. Hamer will inquire whether Jean Marie Ryan still has the question cards collected at BCCLS Advocacy Day.  If so, unaddressed questions will be considered for their suitability to this event. 
  • Ms. Swistock will send today’s updates to Lisa Traina, who is communicating event details to the Honorable Rose Heck. 
  • Ms. Swistock will follow up on a potential donation of refreshments with the Wegman’s grocery associate recruited by Mr. Madru. 
  • Ms. Swistock has furnished Mr. Madru’s, Mr. Bergmann’s, and Mr. Wendrychowicz’s e-mail addresses to Joseph Palmer, BCCLS Web Product and Development Coordinator, in order that they may have a channel into the Committee’s meeting minutes and other related documents. 
  • Ms. Swistock will bring two BCCLS banners to the event. 
  • The event program, sign in procedures, name tags, parking and finalizing room set up will be discussed at the next Committee meeting.


The Committee Meeting closed at 3:14PM on a motion by Larry Bergmann and seconded by Patricia Durso.  All present voted in favor.

NEXT MEETING:                   Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:00PM

BCCLS office, 21-00 Route 208 South, Fair Lawn, NJ