2019.05.23 F&T (Friends) Meeting Minutes

2019.05.23 F&T (Friends) Meeting Minutes

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BCCLS Friends and Trustees Committee Meeting Minutes

5/23/2019 9:30 am

BCCLS Headquarters, Fair Lawn

Present:, Darlene Swistock, BCCLS, Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock, Georgene Betterbed, Glen Rock Friends, Emiliana Tuohey, Fair Lawn, Lynn Kloss, Teaneck, Lisa Traina, Hasbrouck Heights, Tom Madru, Park Ridge Trustee, Peter Wendrychowicz, Mahwah, Trustee, Larry Bergmann, Livingston, Trustee

 The minutes of April 24 meeting were approved.

Discussion of next F & T event:Foundations 101 on June 11 at New Milford Library

  • Darlene reported we have around 40 people registered so far.
  • All speakers have committed.
  • We need bios from Molly and Jim by June 6th.  Emiliana to coordinate with Darlene to follow up next Friday (May 31) or Monday( June 3).
  • Will get samples of handouts from the presenters for distribution.  Lisa will follow up on Friday (May 31) if needed.                              
  • Refreshments
    • Ellen to provide little water bottles and coffee from Costco.
    • Darlene to speak to Marion at New Milford about a coffee pot. Larry & Peter will bring coffee pots as back-ups.
    • Lisa & Lynn will go to ShopRite to purchase fruit salads and something sweet. They will ask ShopRite to see if they will donate the food.
    • Darlene will provide all utensils, plate, napkins, etc.
  • Constant Contact reminder on June 3.

Friends Focus Newsletter

  • Lynn is pleased with the content she has for the newsletter
  • Friends Focus to go out May 28

Friends’ Breakfast: October 22 at Seasons in Washington Township                            

  • Jane Green is our speaker. Georgene will coordinate the transportation for Jane who lives in Westport, CT. Georgene will reach out Boiling Springs Bank to see if they will provide the funds to us to cover the transportation costs. If they don’t, Georgene will reach out to other corporate sponsors.
  • Georgene suggested each Friend’s group for a $40.00 donation which will lead to recognition in the Ad Journal. Georgene will draft what the Ad Journal page will look like and Lisa will obtain a list of Friends groups and will follow up on the donations.
  • Darlene mentioned will be cutting back on baskets this year.
  • Georgene will arrange for a plaque to present to Jane Green as we did last year for Harlan Coben.
  • Brian from O’Shea printing attended and he shared a donation form to be used to place an ad in the ad journal.
  • Emiliana also shared a mock up of how the journal could look.  
  • A discussion ensued and we decided the size of the journal. We also decide the front and back covers would be glossy and the interior pages would be standard white paper. The ads on the inside and back covers would be color. The ads on the interior pages would be black and white. All ads will be full or ½ pages only.  Brian indicated full page ads are more popular than ½ pages.
  • We will only accept basic ads and they must be PDF. Emiliana will sort and place the ads in the sequence we wish to have them placed in the journal.
  • Payments for the ads will be by check only.
  • Darlene presented an idea of creating a photo board which would contain pictures of all 77 libraries.
  • Brian suggested using two boards 24”X36” in size. They would be $35.00 each.  He also told us we could make the boards to “roll up” for the same amount. Will consider sizes at future date. Darlene suggested we might want to have the libraries pay for the boards, as a fundraising opportunity, but we decided they would be available for free.
  • We discussed due dates and decided all ads must be to Emiliana by September 24.
  • Brian said we could have a proof for us a week after we present the pages to him. He stated the final proof must be to him by October 15 so we can have the journal by October 22.
  • Brian provided an estimated price of $1662 for 100 pages and 300 copies which comes out to $15.00 per four sided page. He told us 400 copies would be $20.00 per four sided page.
  • Donna Perkosky will be asked if she has library photos from 2016 BCCLS passports.
  • 50-50 Raffle
    • Ellen reported Cliffside Park Friends will be asked to be the sponsor for the raffle.
    • Stephanie will bring up for approval at their June 3 meeting.
    • We will provide the Friends Group with 2 tickets to the breakfast as compensation for them.
    • Glen Rock will be the backup sponsor should Cliffside Park not approve.
    • The sponsor must file with the state and town before and after the raffle.
  • Ellen will contact Jane Green to provide her with an outline of our program. She will also ask her about how to best handle her transportation needs and if she will be providing any materials (e.g.books) for the program.
  • We discussed how we will need help for soliciting folks for taking out ads. The committee cannot do it alone. Emiliana and others will edit the ads and make them ready for printing.
  • Emiliana asked each of to see if we can provide a list of possible advertisers making sure we don’t infringe on local libraries contacts.

The next meeting will be at 9:30 am on Tuesday, June 18 in Glen Rock.

Submitted by Tom Madru, Co-Chair, Park Ridge Public Library